BIG news!!

Well, it’s been four months since I started this blog…and it’s been four months since my last post.  For those of you who follow me “regularly”, I apologize.  Profusely.  It was not my intent to go dormant for so long, but sometimes life happens.  And sometimes, you spend THREE  MONTHS sicker than a dog.  Yes, that’s right.  Our blissful world of twins is going to have one more added!  Now that the ineptly named morning sickness has subsided (seriously, mine was every-waking-second sickness), I feel I can conquer the world once again!  Unfortunately our spring yard plans have been put on hold for another year, but there are plenty of other small-ish projects to post about! 


3 thoughts on “BIG news!!

  1. So glad your feeling better! More than excited to become a Grandmother again! When you are Blessed, we are Blessed. As a Mom, you understand how your heart is connected to your children forever and it continues to your Grandchidren…..the same joy, of knowing that a part of mine, is in that Spirit. Maybe the human contact is not as visible, but the Spirit Contact is just as strong. My Prayers and Love, always are with you, my Son and Grandchildren! Can’t wait to Celebrate with GOD and Welcome our Grandchild!

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