Spring Projects

Though we have had a very cold winter, I know that spring is not far away!  The last week, we had some very nice, warmer days, and while playing with the girls outside, J and I discussed the plans for our yard that we want to tackle this year.  I am a habitual, “bite off more than you can chew”er, which always leads to getting overwhelmed and not actually completing anything.  Honestly, this is our first house, so we are learning as we go. This year, though, I feel confident we have a manageable list!  Even better, I will track some of the progress here!

Our front yard:

  • Remove evergreen bush
  • Build flower bed

Our back yard:

  • Remove plum bush
  • Replace fence
  • Landscape side of house
  • Install raised bed on side of house  (We are only going to install the bed this year.  We looked at this project realistically and decided installing and planting within the next two months would be too much.)

With the exception of installing a new fence, all of these projects are going to be DIY for us!  I am uber excited about this!!   It is cloudy, and a little snowy here again today, but I am hoping as the weather warms this week I will be able to get out and take some “before” pictures, as well as a (planning) field trip to one of our local home improvement stores.  So, until then!!


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